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Michael Freeman
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Russell Marine Spring Bass Clash
Bass (Black)
Wind Creek State Park
04/10/2021 Safe Daylight
04/10/2021 2:30 PM CT
(Based on 125 Boats) This is a unique bass fishing event that has never been done in Alabama before. Challenge Flights of 25 boats, based on computer generated random draw, will compete for 1st ($1,000.00), 2nd ($600.00) and Big Fish ($250.00) wihtin each flight with an overall 1st place ($1,500.00 or more) and Big Fish ($500.00 or more) winner. In other can win twice!! For every boat over 125 entered the overall 1st place prize and Big Fish will go up! We will also have random drawings within each flight for prizes during weigh in. PAYOUT EXAMPLE: For every 25 boats we recieve beyond 125 the overall first place payout will go up. 150 boats = $1,750.00/ 175 boats = $2,000 / 200 boats = $2,250.00) Overall Big Fish will go up $100 for every 25 boats beyond 125. Proceeds from this event will go out to local charities from Russell Marine. Check in will be inside the Marina Store. Please send only one team member into the store to check in. Masks and Social Distancing is required! Boats will be drawn out using Bass Cat names for flights so you will know which challenge flight you are in (Caracal, Puma, Lynx, Panterra, etc) along with a boat number within the flight. Livewell checks will be done at the ramp or on the docks if you come by water. Docks 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be used for livewell checks. Dock 1 will be for the Marshall/Tournament Director. Blast off single file and weign in will begin at 2:30PM CST with a 15 minute interval between flghts. Boats MUST be inside the bouys by 2:30PM CST or there will be a 1 pound penalty per minute up to 10 minutes past each flight check in. After 10 minutes the angler/team will be disqualified. EXAMPLE: Challenge Flight Caracal: Weigh In 2:30PM Challenge Flight Pantera: Weigh In 2:45PM Challenge Flight Cougar: Weigh In 3:00PM etc. All registrations MUST be in by April 9th, 2020 at 8:30PM. There will be a mandatory Rules and Safety Meeting at Russell Marine in Alexander City (19 Russell Marine Rd, Ale